Pixel blockage freezing only on local channels

I have the strangest errors happening for the past few weeks through the channelsdvr app. Connected my frontier cable through an HD home run prime this setup has worked flawless for years. All of a sudden over the last few weeks my local channels like CBS ABC and NBC are now blocky pixelated and freezing a weird mangled green color and all different shapes, every other channel works perfect except the local batch? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. So far I have restarted the HD homerun, taken out the cable card and put it back in and restarted my channels server, etc. nothing working.

Sounds like reception issue, HDHR issue or networking issue.
What device and app are you viewing with?
Is it only Live TV or Recordings also?
What device and OS are you using for the Channels DVR Server?
If viewing with a Channels client app do you have tuner sharing enabled?

Too many variables without enough information.

I m using the HD homerun prime it is hard wired with Ethernet to my router. I am watching from an Apple TV 4K also hard wired by Ethernet. It occurs on both live tv and recordings. I am using a Synology DS 916+ Nas as the server. I do have tuner sharing enabled, it’s been enabled since I’ve been using the server and app, again these issues started about two weeks ago. Thanks again.

That should narrow it down a bit for the devs to respond to you.

In the mean time.
Since you have tuner sharing enabled, all your viewing on your ATV4K is going through the Channels DVR Server.

Have you tried viewing LiveTV without tuner sharing enabled?

Or tried using the HDHR App to view direct from your Prime?

I have experienced a similar issue as well recently. I am using a synology ds-418play along with HDHR and I have everything hard wired with Ethernet cables

As suggested I did shut off tuner sharing on all my devices. So far I haven’t had a chance to watch the channels extensively but the few minutes I did seemed to correct the issue. I’ll follow up when I can report more information.