Pixelated Video Choppy Audio Log Errors

Hello, I posted last night but it seems that wasn’t done in a way to warrant replies.

Over the course of the last two weeks the connection lost message has returned periodically. While I’ve had Channels, this has popped up a few times. Originally I dropped everything when told it was likely a hardware or network issue. However, after replacing all of it, I came to the conclusion there is a software issue.

Now, when I see the connection lost message, I wait for the next Channels or TVOS update and it goes away.

Yesterday I got home to find a new strange issue where Channels was streaming the same channel I stream every day, but it was choppy and pixelated. What was new is that it was causing Channels to interpret the issue as pausing because I would leave the stream to return to the guide and it prompted me that I was behind in the stream. When reviews of the log before ending the stream, it was referencing a large number of errors. I changed to another channel and did not have the issue. Checked the log and it was not showing errors. I went back to the original channel and it was still happening. More errors.

I have sent the error log to support, but that has not been acknowledged, like my previous post. I will create another post for the DVR issue in hope that will be acknowledged and addressed.


Your logs are showing heavy stream corruption which occurs when either the antenna signal is bad or the network is dropping packets.

Check the Tuner Status page on my.hdhomerun.com to see what it shows for Signal Quality/Strength and for Streaming Rate