Pixellation on Fire TV Stick 4K


One more final log uploaded for another strong station. Paused for quite a long time before recovering. I backed up to confirm the problem point and found that a chunk of video was missing starting at the problem point. Also playback looked blurry with audio out of sync.


Just curious if the logs were ok? I'm happy to send more if you need any more information.


No panic on this anymore as I decided to keep the HDHR5 tuners which play well with your software on the firestick 4K.

I worked with SiliconDust support and they did an analysis of my tuner logs which pointed out a problem with a nearby cell tower that was too strong. I installed a 4G filter before my tuner and its sensitivity improved to the point where it is noticeably better than the older HDHR3. The difference is not dramatic, but it's definitely better. Ex. For a weak signal I get a very small amount of pixellation every 30 seconds or so with HDHR5 vs bad pixellation/picture frozen every 5 seconds or so with HDHR3.

Thanks for working with me on this. Hope you can find a solution as this will no doubt help others, but I'm going to sell my HDHR3 units now.