Play current channel while on grid


Watching TV in bed. Movie night with phones left in bedrooms to charge and remove distractions. There are multiple reasons.

Since switching from Tvheadend as my DVR server with Kodi frontends, this is the number one missing feature. (Other missing keyboard shortcuts and interface quibbles are next on the list for major adjustments that haven't fully been made in my household.)


+1 have there been any developments on this? :slight_smile:


I don't understand. I'm using iOS channels on my iPad. I'm playing a channel. I tried swiping down in the player but nothing happens for me. I don't see my favorite channels.

Can you elaborate?

Is there a list of shortcuts like this one for newbies?

I wasn't aware of the double clicking play button to return to previous channel either. Although I tried this in iOS and it doesn't seem to work. Do you need to be in ATV or FireTV and using remote to do this?