Play current channel while on grid

Hi there, I don’t know how hard it is but would be nice if, while checking the grid, the current channel shows on the upper right/left region of the grid.



I would like to see this feature also.

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Channels is awesome, but this is the most obvious missing feature in the current version.

I was expecting this request to get more love, but only three likes so far…do people really not miss this feature?

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Can you clarify? You want to see the channel name/number/logo up top where the show description is?

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I'm coming to Channels from Directv, so I will give an example from their grid guide interface:

But most grid guides I have seen have this feature...where the current channel plays in the corner. This is especially appreciated when you are watching something, but decide to check the guide for upcoming don't completely lose the current show.

Does this make more sense?

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Ah, okay. This is something we’re looking into, but there are several complex technical challenges that need to be solved before it can happen.


Ok. Good to know it’s on the road map!

I don’t need this feature. I prefer max no of channels shown.

I don’t think anything has to change as far as the current layout of the grid guide and number of channels shown. I actually prefer the additional rows of data (compared to the Directv guide) as well.

In the current layout, there is already an image in the top left corner. In my mind, this new feature would simply change that to be the video of the currently tuned channel, instead of an image of the selected program in the guide. If possible, the video could be slightly larger, but I would suggest not at the sacrifice of the amount of data currently shown.


I also think live video in the corner would be awesome. One kind of related thing to note in the meantime would be to put the picture of the channel logo in the top left corner of the bride guide when no channel data is available. Mine is using grace note and it doesn’t supply a picture for a lot of shows especially my local news. But instead of it being a black space I think the channel logo would be a better placeholder.

+1 for the live preview :slight_smile:

When the current channel’s audio/video stops whilst viewing the guide (which looks awesome btw!), it kinda breaks the seamless user experience. Sliding down to reveal the favourites guide is great, but when you want to quickly scan through loads of channels for now/next or to plan future viewings, it would be so much nicer to have the current channel continue to play with a live preview in the guide.

+1 even if it’s just audio

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+1 for this feature…even if it’s only audio that keeps playing, and you don’t lose the buffer of the current program while you surf for something else in the guide.
Great work guys!



Would prefer the live TV feed to continue playing at ALL times full screen. Just make the menu overlay semi-transparent just like DirectvNow and PSVue do it.




I like the idea of a transparent guide.


The only downside of all this is there still needs to be a way to free up the tuner you’re using. Say it’s 7:59pm, and you have two shows set to record at 8:00, and you have two tuners. You need to be able to get out and free up both tuners, hopefully without having to completely exit the app. Right now, going to the guide accomplishes that.