Play On cloud Recordings

Hello, does anyone know why my Play On cloud recordings are not syncing with Channels Dvr?

Can you provide more details of the issue? I haven’t heard of any known issues. I would recommend submitting diagnostics from the DVR web ui if you have not already.

Also, if it was a recent recording, it may not have woken up to "sync" (unsure what the timing of the sync is), but on settings in the UI, click the Gear icon next to playon source, and click sync to see if it starts up.

After I am notified by Playon Cloud that my recording has completed, I use the web interface to sync the recording.

Have you waited long enough? It will not be in your inventory as soon as you get your email. That just means it's avail on the play on server. you still need to wait out the time it's going to take to download from the server to your channels dvr. Then it will show up. So you might just need to wait awhile after you get your email and check your inventory.

Were you able to get this to work? I did find another way to make it show up quicker. If you log into your server and head to settings you can click on play on and click sync This should start downloading your show/movie. I just tried it and it worked for me.