Play via chromecast on iOS app


Is this possible? Now we have remote playback via the beta iOS app I’m looking for a way to easily hook this up to a tv wherever I go. Chromecast seems the easiest option but before I go out and buy one, I can’t find whether this is supported in the iOS app?


This is planned, but not currently available in the app.


when I’m out of town, i use a lightning to HDMI adapter. its not as cool as casting, but it removes any delays with casting.


Thanks good to know it’s in plan. Casting is a P0 requirement for me so I’ll invest the $15 when it’s available :wink:


Casting will only be available if you have a transcoding capable DVR server, as the hdhomerun video format is not cast compatible.


Is this on the horizon or is it still some way off?


There is a remote DVR feature for the Apple TV.


Casting currently works via the DVR web UI in Chrome. It is not available in the iOS app at this time.


Doesn’t work on my Shield, is it only for Chromecast devices and not devices with Chromecast built in?


Hi @tmm,

The existing Channels DVR backend server should help with the transcoding for Chromecast which is a plus.


Is this still planned to be implemented?


Any updates on the Chromecast support from the iOS app?


Casting is available from the web player. There are no plans to add it to the iOS app at this time.