Playback Error after moving recorded TV

I have 3 HDHomeRuns with the ability to record up to 9 simultaneous channels, so I am using SSD for the DVR drive. The drive is limited in size (256GB), so I have a script that moves the recorded shows every 24 hours.

I receive a playback error once they are moved. I have found running Invoke-WebRequest -Method Put seems to resolve the issue and have created a scheduled task to run this every morning at 6am.

Is there a better way to handle this?

Yes, setup an additional storage path in the DVR that points to wherever you move your recordings to with your evening’s script. That way, when Channels cannot find the recording in the primary path, it will look in the additional paths defined.

The full discussion of the feature and its implementation is here:

How many simulataneous recordings does it take before an issue occurs using the regular HD? I ask out of curiosity because I see so much talk about SSD vs HD.

There are other factors to take into consideration:

  • Drive speed
  • Drive technology (CMR/SMR)
  • Bus bandwidth
  • Bus type
  • Filesystem
  • Operating system
  • Cache
  • RAID?

There a many factors that go into a drive’s “performance”, and you can’t easily just compare spinning platters versus solid-state media.

This was just a troubleshooting measure when dealing with Windows Media Center years ago. I would frequently deal with live TV playback issues via XBOX and couldn't track down what the root cause was. Each channel should max out at 25mbps (3MB/s), so even recording 10 channels, theoritically, should be fine with a HDD. Whether HDD can handle that many parallel writes, I am not sure. I didn't want to dig in too much into the issue, I just threw stuff at it to try to fix.

I never fully determined what the issue was.

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Thank you

This is still not working. I record on drive E, then move to drive Y. After moving it to drive Y, I get Playback Failed (0)

Is Y: a network drive? Are you running the DVR as a service? If so, that might explain your problem.

Instead of adding the mapped network location by its mapped drive letter, use its UNC path instead.

I've installed GetChannels on Windows, would that be running as a service? I didn't see any specific services running named getchannels.

But yes, it's a mapped network drive. I'll try UNC path and see if that helps. Thank you!

Yes I believe it runs as a service. I don’t run it on windows so not sure but maybe it’s called “Channels DVR” or something similar?

Note that whatever user the service is running as will need to have access to the shared folder.