Playback Failed (0) Message When Watching Local TV

Yesterday when I went to watch a local OTA channel, video would stop and I started getting a message that says 'Playback Failure (0)'. If I go back to the guide and select the channel again, the video starts playing again but a few minutes later, I get the error again.

Updated to version '2022.11.09.1733', unplugged/powered off my HDHomeRun network tuners (HDHomeRun QUATRO & HDHomeRun EXTEND), rebooted my Fire TV Cube, and stopped & restarted Channels DVR app on my QNAP server.

Any suggestions? Last night it looked like Channels DVR recorded a couple of OTA shows I had scheduled to record and playback worked without a problem but when I go to watch 'live' TV on those same channels, I get the 'Playback Failure (0)' error.

Suggestions? Up to yesterday, it was working fine for 'live' viewing.

I think I may have found the problem. I went into the Channels settings in my Fire TV Cube and noted that a Tablo turner was showing under 'sources' and was selected as one of OTA tuners. I deselected it so I only use my 'Vidgo' subscription for 'TV Everywhere' and my networked HDHomeRun Quatro 'OTA' tuner for my local channels, So far, so good. I didn't think Channels would recognize a Tablo Tuner. I'll keep an eye on this.