"⚠️ Playback Failed" if I try to watch the same exact live stream from a second Android device

Is this intended? It continues playing perfectly on the first device, but the second device will immediately give this error if I choose "Watch Live" for the same program on a second device. If I stop playback on the first device, I can start watching on the 2nd device, but then attempting to watch again on the 1st device results in the same error.

Sounds like you don't have a free tuner available for the second client. One way to ensure this doesn't happen is to enable tuner sharing in all of your clients. That way only one physical tuner is used, regardless of how many clients wish to use that same channel at the same time.

that does solve my problem, thanks! however, my "HDHomerun CONNECT" has two tuners so im not sure why this was an issue, unless recording monopolizes a tuner as well?

if so, can i have the DVR "share" the tuner? if not it seems like one person watching a show that is being recorded prevents anyone else from watching something else.

Enabling tuner sharing on your clients will work as you describe.

Yes, the DVR needs a tuner to record.

This is exactly what the tuner sharing option in the client does.

thanks very much to both of you :grin: