Playback Failed


The local NBC station will not play. Live or recorded. As far as I can tell, everything else is ok.
The channel will play on the HD App, but not Channels

Thanks in advance.


Which device are you running Channels on?


FireTv. I also have AppleTV and it works fine there. It also works fine on the HD app.
I just tried uninstalling the FireTv app and it’s still doing the same thing. Only the NBC channel is affected. Live and DVR playback.


Which model FireTV?

Please submit diagnostics from the app after trying to play a nbc recoding.


I just sent one. It was recorded this morning. The live playback is working now.


Any idea? I still cannot playback recordings on NBC channel, but I can watch live shows.
FireTv 4K, My Cloud.


I still cannot watch NBC recordings.


Something is not working correctly with your MyCloud NAS. We will need to do more debugging next week.


I stopped the Channels app on my NAS and restarted it. Everything is working fine now, however I could not playback any shows recorded during that time. Although I’m not certain that it’s was the issue, there were two different time zones showing in the NAS/Channels settings.