Playback Failed?

On my 2020 Sony TV, when I play recordings from my library, I often get a black screen with a message saying "Playback Failed". Usually, when I hit back and play the recording again, it plays fine after that. Does anyone know why that occurs?

Is this an android-based TV? I would recommend submitting diagnostics from the client after the issue occurs.

Most likely the hard drive with the recordings went to sleep, and it took longer to spin up than Channels’ timeout was set for. (At least in my case, this is what was the cause when it happened to me.)

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I doubt that's it for me. I'm running Channels on a NAS and also none of my other devices have ever had the same problem.

Besides submitting diagnostics from the client, it would also be good to check the DVR web ui log to see if any errors are logged when the issue occurs.

Diagnostics have been submitted. I received the "Playback Failed" message less than a minute before submitting diagnostics.

2021/03/24 00:00:47.623043 [TRS] DNS: OK: Resolved host via system DNS
2021/03/24 00:00:48.041797 [TRS] Cloud Reachable: OK: Connected to
2021/03/24 00:00:48.126692 [TRS] Local Time: OK: Local clock is accurate
2021/03/24 00:00:48.491775 [TRS] Remote Access: OK: Successfully established external connection
2021/03/24 00:00:48.527514 [TRS] Disk Permissions: OK
2021/03/24 00:00:54.083984 [DIAG] Could not package /providers/playon/library: 404 Not Found
2021/03/24 00:00:54.906718 [DIAG] Could not find file: channels-comskip-controller.log: open channels-comskip-controller.log: no such file or directory
2021/03/24 00:01:04.526577 New diagnostic log submitted under dd0ce08f-810a-4e66-8412-c143d7cd1e84

Any thoughts on this?

i'm now seeing this on several recordings/channels on my tivo (ccgtv seems to work mostly except for a few locast channels that appear to be down).

anyone have any word whats going on here?

Make sure you're on Build 204160149. A bad build went out earlier this evening. The latest update fixed issues playing recorded content. Live TV was okay, but, software.

is that the build for the android app or the actual dvr?

could this be causing my locast to be locked out right now too? i'm getting the max streams / rate limited message from them at the moment, but i only have one active recording at the moment (and now actual active streams)...

Android App. Seems unlikely it would impact Locast account lockout, but I don't know that. No issues with Locast here. I hit the 4 stream limit months ago and despite no streams for 6+ hours, I still got the message. I had to contact support to get it unlocked.

so incredibly frustrating and annoying. we're going to miss all of our CBS shows tonight now because of it. even more frustrating because there's absolutely no way we're even close to the limit right now (like i said, we only have one recording going on and zero live active streams connected). the hilarious thing is i've intentionally gone over the four stream limit on purpose in the past to test it, and had no issues / never hit the lockout. now it's locked out when i'm nowhere close to the limit.

i love locast, but this crap is why i have any of my network shows from NBC/ABC/FOX record from the TVE locals. this nonsense happens far too often with locast.

I hear ya. Maybe they're upgrading and new bug has shown up. Hit them up.

I did read on a forum a while back that if you tried to use a VPN, there was some issue where it would not release a channel despite no longer streaming.

i had seen that too, but that's not the case here. i'm not on a vpn.

i did open a ticket already, so we'll see how long it takes them to unlock it.