Playback Issue of MKV

I was trying to playback a local content MKV file. I had audio, but no video. It plays fine in VLC or Channels Web Browser.

Is this a codec issue with Channels, my Windows Server, or Shield TV?

Submit diagnostics from the client app after attempting playback.

Just submitted diagnostics.

This should be fixed in the latest apk beta (v05.31.1913)

I've had this exact same problem with a lot of older video files. They play fine in Channels web, they play fine on Android TV through Plex, but they show a black screen and have sound through Channels on Android TV. I installed the latest apk beta and it was still the same. Seems like it is missing codecs or something like that.

Diagnostic Submitted: 7e299214-04ef-47f4-b746-b75912920981

This often happens because you are using the hardware decoder and your device doesn’t support that format, so you’re probably very close with your codec guess. Try switching to software deciding in the advanced video section of the app and see if it fixes the black screen issue.

It is not the codec on ShieldTV. I used VLC and the file played fine. It is something in Channels.

Thanks, this actually did work in most situations on both TS4K+ and CCWGTV. I also tested out in Hybrid and it was the same. Just to be safe, I tested out a bunch of recordings from different sources and times, as well as live channels from HDHR, TVE, and IPTV. Running 10 second tests, everything appears to be still working, though it all looks a bit "lighter" or a bit more washed out, if that makes sense. Given the tradeoffs, I think I'll keep it on Hybrid.

I read through all the support documentation and anything I could find on the forums here, but still am not sure how to judge the best option. I seem to recall when I first installed Channels that Software and Hybrid did not work at all for me, so maybe with a lot of the recent updates in both the server and the APK it works differently now. I'll give it a whirl for the time being!

There are still a couple of problematic recordings that give me this error:

Submitted Diagnostic: ed0c1086-af9a-419e-a94e-361384371f4d

Did the beta help? If not please submit diagnostics from that beta again.