Playback issue on the latest beta version

I want to thank the developers for the wonderful product I have enjoyed using it so much over the last 2 years. I recently updated to the latest beta DVR (dated 4-30-2021). The issue is that with this beta during playback it skips ahead on it's on even before commercials. Not sure why. Even when switching the commercial jumps to manual. It's anybody else seeing this issue? I've submitted diagnostics. The players are Nvidia shield and shield pro. DVR is a separate dedicated 4 core PC running a SSD. Recording is done to the same SSD as the os. For now I'm considering moving back to the last stable version. Does anybody know how to do this?

The latest dvr build is v2021.05.07.1731

Upgrading the dvr does not usually affect playback. Does that recording mpg file play correctly in VLC?

I'll have to try to play it in a few. I'm confident is not a player issue or network. It just seems odd that it would just skip ahead even on manual com skip.

I'll also try to update the DVR.

I was able to play the file fine with vlc player. I then updated the DVR side to the newest one as you pointed out that seems to have fixed the issue. No jumping noticed yet but I'll update you later today when we watch TV and can sit through a few full episodes. Thank you again for being so responsive and having such a good product.

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I think I finally resolved the issue. User error I believe. I had forgotten that I had changed the transcoder to hardware and changed the playback to the higher resolution rather than original.

After I reported it resolved I was still having issues. After going over all of the settings I remembered what I had done and changed things back. Now it truly does play fine. Thank you again for being responsive.

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