Playback Keeps Freezing

My playback keeps freezing between zero and three times a day. The only way to restart it is to exit back to the menu and restart the program (which always works). I update my server beta software almost every day. This problem has been going on for at least 2 weeks. I'm running a dedicated Windows 10 server, and FireStick 4k for playback.

Several logs where submitted. Here's one form last night.

2021/01/29 18:32:41.462065 [TRS] DNS: OK: Resolved host via system DNS
2021/01/29 18:32:41.594197 [TRS] Cloud Reachable: OK: Connected to
2021/01/29 18:32:41.677591 [TRS] Local Time: OK: Local clock is accurate
2021/01/29 18:32:41.900485 [TRS] Remote Access: OK: Successfully established external connection
2021/01/29 18:32:41.901501 [TRS] Disk Permissions: OK
2021/01/29 18:32:42.402809 [TRS] System Firewall: OK
2021/01/29 18:32:42.417302 [TRS] Third Party Firewall: OK
2021/01/29 18:32:42.418302 [TRS] Network Flow Control: OK
2021/01/29 18:32:42.564269 [TRS] Power Management: OK
2021/01/29 18:32:43.516553 [DIAG] Could not find file: channels-comskip-controller.log: open channels-comskip-controller.log: The system cannot find the file specified.
2021/01/29 18:32:48.469233 New diagnostic log submitted under 7f5a0e24-6f14-4f81-807e-0f40b02b7781


Did you submit logs from the fire stick after it happens?

I've sent at least 6 of them.

It happened again this morning. I sent in another log report.