Playback randomly pauses


Randomly when using channels on one of my nvidia shields playback will pause for no reason, as if I had pressed pause on the remote. This does not happen on my other shield, nor does it happen on 2 fire tv sticks or a mibox. Having a different remote connected seems to make no difference and the behavior doesn’t not occur in any other app (such as HDHomeRun).

Any thoughts?


This means the playback buffer ran out which usually means the Wi-Fi signal is bad at that TV.


I should have said it’s hardwired on gigabit Ethernet.


Then I would recommend running some speed tests on your network. If you lookup the IP of your SHIELD, you can then visit http://x.x.x.x:57000/speedtest from another device on your network to measure the speed between your SHIELD and that device.


From another wired device on the network:

583 Mbits/second download speed
5.83ms latency
2.74ms jitter

Which sounds like it should be fine.


Does it show a pause icon or a spinner icon on the timeline when this happens?


This has just started happening to me on my Shield too (probably the last couple of days).


A pause icon. I have to physically press play on the remote to resume.


Huh that’s pretty strange. Can you submit diagnostics from the bottom of the Player tab next time it happens.


I will. I did actually submit some yesterday a short while after it happened, not sure if you use can that though.


I have this issue, but it is a spinning circle.

Speed test from the DVR to my Sony TV Android TV (100Gb connection) says download 100.02, latency 7.82, Jitter 2.14.


I am also having this issue on my shield tv.