Playback sputters, Sound Out of Sync on some files - both Android TV and Android

I just submitted diagnostics from my Tivo Stream 4K and from my Pixel 6 Pro around 5:35 CST. They both have trouble playing back "Along Came Polly" smoothly. It's super choppy and sound is way out of sync. It plays back perfectly on the Nvidia Shield and onn 4K Streaming box.

Do I need to submit anything else on this?

Just tried on a Nebula Laser Projector (Android TV) and it also stutters with sound out of sync. I submitted diagnostics.

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The playback code on android is the same. If it works on some devices and not others, there's not much we can do because its probably an issue with the device. The only thing you can try is to change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

I just tried switching from Hardware to Software on the 3 problematic devices. It played back perfect on my Pixel 6 Pro, however on both the Tivo Stream 4K and the Nebula Laser Projector, the sound was good but the screen image was Black.

You can check View Details for that movie on the DVR web UI. Maybe its using some weird codec which your devices cannot handle.