Playback stops on commercial break (Stirr/Pluto)

I'm having an issue when watching channels from both Stirr and Pluto. When it goes into a commercial break, it will cause a pause and then the playback will either continue or (but most of the time) it stops completely or freezes for the commercial length and returns with just audio or the video appears and the audio is out of sync. If I back out and go back into the channel it will continue until the next break.

It sounds just like what was reported here:

Only it happens with some Pluto channels also. Have seen it happen on Stirr channels 9037 Law & Crime, 9017 Bob Ross and Pluto channels 9316 Bob Ross, 9206 Court TV.

I have the stable version of Channels running natively on Win 10 with both Pluto and Stirr running in Docker on the same box. Both docker images are the latest versions. It was working fine until a few days ago.

Submit diagnostics from the DVR server while its happening.