Playback timeline location

I must admit, I don't know if this is a new change or if I've just not noticed it before.

The issue is that the timeline / slider for how far through a show is, is at the top of the playback window. Two problems with this location:

  1. Every other video playback app that I'm aware of puts at the bottom

  2. When scrubbing / navigating a show using it, my hand obscures most of the display, making it really awkward to scrub to the desired location in a recording

Please can it be relocated at the bottom of the screen and swapped with the show info banner that is current at the bottom? @tmm1

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When this design was released, every iOS app had the timeline at the top :rofl:

We'll be looking into redesigning the mobile video player UI in 2021.



I’ve recently started having a problem in this area where the controls aren’t positioned correctly anymore. They are so high on the screen that they are impossible to tap. I think something has gone wrong.

Here’s a screenshot.