Playing files with Quicktime has an echo

When I try to play the DVR files on my Mac using Quicktime, the audio has an echo. VLC doesn’t. I am guessing this is because the file has 5.1 or something like that built in?

Is there a way to play using Quicktime without this echo?

Of course, I can just use VLC but curious if there is a way to do this. I am guessing now since I don’t see any setting in Quicktime.



Honestly you shouldn’t use QuickTime to watch anything since Perian died. Use VLC or mpv for direct playing, but if you want a scraper use Plex or Kodi.

You could also play the DVR’d files with Safari. You could use something like Fluid to create an “app” for Channels by pointing it at your Channels server IP:Port when you create the Fluid app.

I completely understand that there are alternatives. I am curious, though, if there is someone in QT that is a problem or a setting.

QuickTime Player X seems to just play all available audio tracks.

The legacy QuickTime Player 7 has a panel that let you selectively disable tracks. It still works with High Sierra. You can download it here: .

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Yeah, QuickTime on the desktop doesn’t mix it down to 2 channel Stereo. It’s weird because iOS does fine and they should be sharing the same core APIs.

This is just the state of macOS now :frowning:

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Thanks both. That helps me understand this issues isn’t something due to what I’m doing or even Channels for that matter (e.g. perhaps there was a bug with Channel encoding the file, or something).

You ever figure this out? I recorded something that was broadcast on my local news for a friend, and it has the echo. Doesn't have it when I play the file in VLC, but my friend wants to put it on social media.