Playing live TV from guide

When you are browsing the guide and select a program that is scheduled to start after the top of the hour (i.e. 9:01 PM), the only option presented is to schedule the recording even though the program is already airing on the live broadcast. Because the guide has already moved to the 9 PM airings, there is no way to tune directly to that station. Is there are workaround in scenarios like this?

My idea would be to allow users to select the channel itself from the guide grid so you can tune immediately to that station.

Can you make a video showing this problem

I will try to make a video but you should be able to replicate if there is a program scheduled to start at 9:01 PM instead of 9:00 PM for example.

Does what I outlined make sense? Let me know if I can offer additional clarity.

I attached a screenshot from the web portal. Notice that the scheduled time for this program to start is 9:01 PM. If you are watching another channel and go to switch to this station at 9:00 PM via the guide, you would be unable to do so.

In case it wasn't clear, you're also not able to tune the program that aired right before this one because the guide has already shifted to 9 PM.

@tmm1 Following up to see if a video is going to add any value here?

Yes I need to see a video or atleast a photo of the problem. If the current time is 9:00pm and the next show starts at 9:01pm, then the previous episode will still be visible and should be clickable on the guide.

If the current time is 9:00pm, the Guide grid will show 30 min time slots starting at 9:00pm, 9:30pm, 10:00pm, etc. So a program airing from 8:00 - 8:59pm will not be visible when the Guide shifts to 9:00pm. Therefore you will not be able to tune to the station that is airing a program that begins at 9:01pm according to the guide even though it may have already begun. Does this make sense?

I understand the guide shows 9:00 - 9:30, but within that area there should be two cells. One from 9:00 - 9:01, and another from 9:01 - 9:30

Why would the Guide show a cell for 9:00 - 9:01 if no program is scheduled for that time?

Because there was a program from 8:30 - 9:01.

Simply put the currently airing program always shows at the front of the guide, in a different color. The first thing shows for each channel is what's airing right now, and clicking it will tune into the channel.

If you're seeing differently, please take a photo.

Please re-read my previous post -- the previous program may air from 8:30-8:59.

AFAIK the guide data is always sequential. If a program is starting at 9:01, then the previous program ends at 9:01. If that's not what you're seeing that there may be a guide data issue.

It may very well be a guide data issue. Maybe I would re-categorize this as an enhancement request -- allow the ability to tune directly by selecting the channel from the guide grid.