Playing recorded video files on Windows pc vs apple tv


Apologies if this this outside the scope of Channels, but I am having an issue with recorded files.

The files downloaded are mpeg-2 (I checked in mediainfo program). Playback on a windows pc is very choppy. this is using intel graphics 4400. I have tried using VLC and MPc-hc with and without DXVA gpu video acceleration enabled.

on apple tv 4k they are perfectly smooth.

These recorded mpeg-2 files are the only type of files that run so choppy. I can play mp4 or mkv 1080p without any issues.

anyone else have this issue?

Why does apple tv 4k play them so well? Are they transcoded first?


Apple TV does not transcode for playback. It downloads the raw mpeg2 and plays it in our custom player.

I'm not sure why VLC would not be able to play them smoothly. Might be an issue with the computer or graphics driver, but I can't say for sure.