Playing recordings crashes Pixel 4a

Running Beta 10.23.2051 on new Pixel 4a. Home network with following speeds:
Download: 63 Mbit/s
Latency: 11 ms
Jitter: 30 ms

Live TV works perfectly, but can't play back any recordings. Usually just exits program, sometimes shows a brief bit of program first.

App worked fine on my previous phone (OnePlus 3T)


Try changing the decoder to Hybrid or Software in the Channels app settings.

What are the recordings, TVE or OTA source?

OTA often uses MPEG2 and TVE is MPEG4 h264

Thanks. Tried both settings - no change. All recordings are OTA.

After the crash I would recommend starting the app back up and immediately submitting diagnostics. It’s possible the logs will contain the issue and the Devs will be able to identify it.

Okay I did that and submitted diagnostic data to support.

I also updated my Synology server version to 2020.09.14.2100 but no change.

Interestingly I fired up my old phone (OnePlus 3T) and it did exactly the same thing. No issues on our Shield.

Can you try to mark a channel as favorite via Settings > Manage Sources and see if that makes any difference