Playing TVE channel freezes with spinning circle

I've raised this issue before and thought it was fixed in a beta build but some TVE channels will consistently display a black screen with the timeline bar and spinning circle. Diagnostics submitted. This only happens when viewing on my Shield -- Apple TV works okay. Anyone else experiencing similar behavior?

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Yes on Android TV, FireTV and I have been seeing it happen on AppleTV yesterday and today on both Fox News, HGTV and DiY.

I've been trying to work with them providing videos and logs but apparently nothing seems amiss and they don't experience it I guess. I tested using VLC player on my Android TV and it worked very well. Problem is it only happens on live TV.

Good luck!

If you have the opportunity to follow these steps it will hopefully give us a chance to identify the issue:

This appears to be fixed. I know there were many changes in the last few weeks but I haven't had any buffering issues while watching TVE recently.

That’s good to hear. I don’t recall that there been any changes in the past month that would have impacted this.

I don't know.... there were changes made to the client and to the DVR and it appears some of those changes made differences. I also reset the Shield and that likely played a role into it as well. Maybe that was the full cure.

Now if we could just get the MPV player to use the Hardware decoder properly I'd be 100% happy.

Another possibility is that it was environmental — either on your DVR and network or something in the TVE feeds themselves.

I changed my whole network, router, cabling, storage and the problem happened across Apple, Android and Fire OS's.
The reset on the Shield, and recent changes to the software were the only thing that changed since I performed the reset.
If you say nothing in the changes did anything then it was the reset itself that fixed it.

@jpblanch75 The shield counts as part of the environment and it seems all your problems disappeared after you reset the shield.

@mhartman Are you still having problems?

In this instant yes the Shield counts as the environment which is why I edited my post. But the environment will.not fix the remaining problems on Android unfortunately.

@tmm1 I was doing my testing on this thread - Constant buffering on Fox News channel

I haven't noticed any issues playing TVE channels on my Shield recently but I'll update the thread if I see notice anything.