Playlists for YouTube Live channels using the Kister Method

Once I click the check marks. How do I generate the combined playlist?

Also how should I handle streams such as NamibiaCam - YouTube . This is perfect type of youtube station for this project. It is dedicated to live cam. Has 2 live feeds that are long time running, not changing daily.

  1. Link to each video individually. Pro: 2 video feeds. Cons: Will break more often if live feed ever starts over
  2. Link to @UserName . Pro: Dont have to update video feed url. Cons: Only 1 video feed

I haven’t been able to figure out how to combine channels via the checkmark yet, I’ve only just gotten started. I’ll have more time over the weekend.

As far as that channel with more than one stream goes, I think we should add the second one on a row of its own. Then users can pick which one(s) they want to use. For the first stream, enter both @username and videoID, if possible. I’ll try to make the autogenerator smart enough to prioritize @username when both fields are filled.

Note to mods, if this spreadsheet talk is distracting from the main thread about the Kister Method please move these recent posts to a new thread of their own. Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is what I was suggesting in this post:

Thanks for creating!

Thanks for starting this. Is there a limit on how many IDs can be concatenated into a single Kister request?

I have successfully linked up to 25. I dont know if their is a limit. If there is a limit i think it would be a url length limitation and less a limitation on kister method.

Agreed, I have one setup with 75 at the moment!

Populated more rows in the sheet. Almost all the links were ones already posted on this thread in various forms.

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Where you ever able to figure this out?

I haven’t had free time, had some last-minute travel, but will get back into it this week.

I'm back from my travels and catching up. This basic functionality has been added to the sheet, please try it out and let me know what you think.

@Jay1987 @ert @cyoungers

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I just opened it and played around. It is sooooooo. . . cool that it changes the url as you click. Also that you can click Vid ID or Username.

Im super excited for this.

*Gives @Fofer a gold star sticker.

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*Gives @ Fofer the whole sticker sheet.

This is awesome!

Pre-Alpha Update 515231145: The username column no longer requires the @, the URL concatenation formula is now smart enough to add one when necessary.

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After update when I go to it is now a blank file.

If I go to Version History there was a edit at 3am and that seems to be fine. Then it shows another edit from anonymous at 8am and its now blank

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I tried to edit my doc and I messed everything up. I think I screwed up the copy/paste. I can't figure out how to start from scratch?

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I will allow Fofer to do it. Im not great with excel/documents. Fofer can most likely just revert to a previous edit file. It saves previous edit history. So its not the end of the world. Accidents happen.

Thanks. I restored the 3:01 edit. Working now.