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FYI, this weekend's Coachella is a perfect coupling with the Kister Method:

YouTube is streaming live from Coachella festival with six separate livestreams, over this weekend and next. The weekend one livestream kicked off at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT today and runs through Sunday night (April 16). Weekend two will begin at the same time on Friday, April 21, before wrapping up on Sunday, April 23.

Here are the livestreams, ready to go as Custom Channels, set up via the Kister Method. I set the guide data to be 90-minute blocks, with the six channel numbers starting at 90000.,c=90000,ph=5400&v=3HYVAL-52PM,c=90001,ph=5400&v=P8T81_n28L4,c=90002,ph=5400&v=wbZ9rP74cRE,c=90003,ph=5400&v=M7tholO-Ob0,c=90004,ph=5400&v=9hdFg3rnOXI,c=90005,ph=5400


Here are this weekend's live streams, once again from 6 main stages:,c=90000,ph=5400&v=o7q7ahC5eMI,c=90001,ph=5400&v=3C57SwK9QvY,c=90002,ph=5400&v=RzFS36bQvv0,c=90003,ph=5400&v=dZgeMO52kvg,c=90004,ph=5400&v=7Zv5aSik3Fk,c=90005,ph=5400


Some example playlist using the Kister method. The Kister method was pioneered by @jkister . The term "Kister Method" was originally coined by @Fofer .

I only included streams that have been broadcasting for 3+ months. That way in hopes that they are more likely to broadcast for extended peeriod


Waterfall Gentle Stream Sound in forest 24/7 v=3esk6vF8eZE
Relaxing Piano Music & Water Sounds 24/7 v=l6J0ylYTO4s
Beautiful Piano Music 24/7 v=2OM7adQl-YQ
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House v=KPrrWB1eo1I
Relaxing Piano Music & Rain Sounds 24/7 v=-5ajVJ1Yxlg
24/7 Live Animal Cam v=RBikkVw4maE
Deep Focus 24/7 v=laKM6NOrdbA
24/7 Hearing Sacred Music from an Ancient Church v=tRKTpdaB_AI
Wetter-Panorama – 24/7 v=NIuO6hrFTrg
Chillout 2023 24/7 v=sgEJ4sOwboM
24/7 Sacred Choir & Chant Radio v=BmqHiTF3XXA
Deep Focus Music 24/7 v=-NfXRaCAtNs
Deep Focus 24/7 - Ambient Music v=nPeqwCw_nQQ
Heavy Rain to Fall into Sleep 24/7, v=FI7RpUlYIb8
Rain Sounds for Sleeping 24/7, Fall Asleep Fast v=oPAhhzjxDyk
Blizzard Snowstorm Sounds for Relaxing v=8MgUrVDIJdU
FIREPLACE 4K (LIVE 24/7) v=i3QygwcQevw


Chillout 2023 24/7 Live Radio v=sgEJ4sOwboM
Sleep Music 24/7 - Twinkle Twinkle v=ohaLspObON8
Walt Disney World - DISNEY 24/7 LIVE STREAM v=uILxp16tKl8
Panda 24/7 v=MIA8AKVZ0Yk

Will type later

Pets & Animals

Dog TV Live 24/7 - Doggy Daycare v=6lUf4TKbChk
CAMERA 2 FOREST Animal Cam v=rlPEbZ5wMgM
LIVE 24/7 Indiana Bird, Squirrel And Wildlife Feeder Cam v=bZish-38Bbs

**Note: I did not compile list of streams. That was someone on fivver.


you can add &v=-m_nQT62B4Y&v=o8YhyLb__cI (Kitten Cat Cams)

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@Fofer thanks for reminder. I forgot.




Pets & Animals





My new test station. I get tired of turning on YouTube for Super Simple Songs. . . .Yes I know I might be a bad dad. . . .But I want to use the restroom in peace. LOL.[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]

I have made about 5 playlist so far. This is the easiest way I have found to doing a lot of them.

Easy way I found for making playlist

  1. Youtube search whatever you want.
  2. Filter to only show Live stations
  3. Click on video and copy the @Username.
  4. Paste @UserName into notepad. Each right after eachother. Do NOT put spaces between them
  5. Use "Find and Replace"
    .....Find "@" Replace "&v=@"
  6. Remove the very first & before the first @username
  7. Paste "" at the begining

Thanks for all of these Kister Method playlists @Jay1987! They're great!


maybe ill edit original post to add some of these playlists. didnt realize there were so many themes available.

Im. Going to try and come up with a few themed playlist.

Anyone have ideas for playlist. Im thinking


Im thinking 15-20 per playlist.

So far my playlist are not theamed. Just based on my favorite YT stations.

Any playlist of live webcams around the world would be great, too.

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Hmm, might it make sense for us to collaborate on a live Google Sheet so we can keep track of notable additions and subtractions to the list of YouTube Live channels? I'm new to this, but my brainstorm at the moment is a shared interface with checkboxes or similar so users can generate dynamic hyperlinks with their choices.

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If you setup the sheet i will help populate it. I am loving youtube in CDVR. I really think this is stupid cool.

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Me too! And cool, here's a start. I welcome your thoughts, additions and edits. I'll be able to pretty it up some more over the weekend.

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Should i fill out both the @UserName and Vid-ID. Or should i only include 1 for each stream and leave other blank.

What i like about the @UserName is if they stop that live feed and start another one it will switch over.

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I agree, username is preferable when available, no need for vid_id's with those. So I moved username to be the earlier column. Some channels have more than one live feed though, so in those cases, a vid_id is needed instead.

Column H auto-generates the Kister Method URL via username, at least for one at a time. That's the best I've figured out how to do, for now!

If anyone knows Google Sheets and would enjoy jumping in on this, please do. Ideally we can set it up to concatenate many channels ID's into one URL. Even better if it does so dynamically based on which rows are checked.

I welcome any ideas, the spreadsheet is currently editable by all.

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I am not used to working in documents etc. I just added a few NBC ones. Can you verify I am doing everything correct before I continue.

Also at the end. The Kister link. Do I manually type that or should it auto-populate.

Yes, it all looks great. Thank you! I added β€œ@β€œ to the usernames, that’s all.

Regarding MSNBC, their channel doesn't have a continuous live stream on YT, does it?

That one auto-populates now :+1:

No NBC live streams are constantly starting and stopping. As a result if we link to individual video it will constantly break. So I think the only way to do them is the UserName way which defaults to the most recent live stream.

Ok. . I will add the @ before user names. I wasnt sure what parts your script auto fills in vs does not fill in