PlayOn recordings only show on some menus

Just started using PlayOn with Channels yesterday. It amazed me how easy it was to setup.

However, I'm seeing what I consider strange data from Channels. (Windows Server, FireStick recent beta releases).

Under the "Recordings" menu item, the PlayOn recordings are missing.
Under Library->Up Next, the recordings are missing.
Under Library->TV Shows, the recordings are there.
Under Library->Recently Updated, the recordings are there.

Is this a bug, or can this be explained?

The Recordings page is solely for content recorded by the DVR. Imports, including your PlayOn content, are not considered a "recording".

If a show has never been played, and it has not been specifically marked to show up in Up Next, it will not automatically show up there. That section is considered more of a "continue watching" list, not a newly recorded list.

How do I mark a show to appear in "Up Next"?

Library > TV Shows > Show Name > Show Options > Include in Up Next

Same in the DVR web UI as the clients. (The "Show Options" choice may be behind a secondary menu depending upon the client.)

All shows are marked to be in Up Next by default. Once you’ve wateched an episode, its next episode will show in Up Next.

Question. Is it on the radar for some more granular control of up next in regards to partially watched tv shows? I bring it up because I am watching a series where I skipped around a little and up next always shows the first unwatched show with the lowest season and episode number. Even if I partially watch for example s02e05, if s01e10, e11, e12 are unwatched, then it will show s01e10 in up next. I have to remember the season and episode number for the partially watched show that is not in sequential order. I can mark all preceeding episodes as watched and that will fix it but I don't always want to do that.

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Yea its on my radar. I think right now up next looks at the episodes in order to find the last one watched. Instead it needs to remember what you watched last and increment from there. This will also fix issues where it doesn't work if you have your Keep settings aggressively set to delete.


Awesome! Yeah next one after the latest episode watched or the last one partially watched would be great.

If I watch part of a program sourced from PlayOn, should I see that program in the "Up Next"? It is not showing up there.

Not until an episode is fully marked as watched, as said above.

I see a whole bunch of shows partially watched on up next.

But were those shows the very first time you had watched each program? Jon is saying that until you have watched a complete episode of a program, future episodes of that program will not be added to Up Next.

RECORDINGS are added immediately.

The reason that imports only show up after you've watched a full episode is to avoid flooding Up Next when importing a ton of things at once.