Please consider adding manual sort for video playback

I play all of my content using the Channels app on my iPad/iPhone and wish I could sort my videos manually. I hope you will consider adding this feature soon…:grinning:

Can you describe what you mean by this?

Sort them manually in what capacity? Sort them where?

Consider using episode numbers to sort them any way you’d like

Since this content is temporary, and I delete it after viewing, it would be burdensome to spend the time custom naming each episode. Furthermore, because the content is dynamic, I don’t always sort the same way until the videos are downloaded. In any regard, I suspect there are probably others who would find this feature valuable…

Do you want to watch them in the order they were added to your YT playlist? Or something custom?

I’m not actually using a YouTube playlist, rather, my YouTube downloader (MediaHuman) is pulling down any new videos from all of my subscribed channels every 15 minutes, so they don’t come in in any particular order other than when they’re posted. That said, based on the duration of the videos and content, I prefer to manually sort them.