Please Help: Top Shelf not working

Not sure what, or what combination of changes caused it, but top shelf is not longer working on any of my ATVs. Top shelf is my primary way of entering into channels, and it's absence is killing me. I am obsessing over it for some reason and would really appreciate some help. From a couple of recent threads it looks like it is working fine for some folks, but not others. So hopefully with some configuration adjustments I can get it back.


  • TVOS 14.5
  • Channels 4.5.2
  • DVR 2021.04.30.0144
  • Sources HDHR5-4K, Spectrum TVE, Pluto, (Stirr)

What I have tried so far

  • Restarted ATV and Channels multiple times, and again after each change
  • Moved Channels out of top shelf and back
  • Changed to the official Channels DVR app (was still on the original Channels app from pre-dvr days)
  • Tried the last 2 Channels ATV betas (4.22.2221, 4.22.1939)
  • Changed the setting for quick guide from "current" to "Favorites"
  • Removed all M3U based channels from Favorites collections (saw this in a thread)
  • Removed Stirr completely just in case, it is cool but a bit flaky
  • Removed emoji from my collection titles, it was fun but kinda silly

Maybe the answer is it is just broken and I should just chill until it is fixed, but didn't get that impression from my search through the existing threads. Anyway, if anyone can advise on how I might fix this it would be much appreciated. I just can't bring myself to quit futzing with it.


Please submit diagnostics

Done, thanks

Thank you for the diagnostics.

I'm uploading a new build to TestFlight with a fix. Please try it when it shows up, probably in an hour or so.

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Got it, worked right away. Everything is showing up as expected. I am at peace now :smile:
Thank you.

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v4.5.3 is available on the App Store with this fix.