Plex Adds Custom Color Themes

Back in August, Plex users got a small (and unexpected) dose of customization options with the launch of “Modern UI.” Now, Plex is going even further with Color Themes, a set of colorful new skins for the Plex interface. There’s just one thing missing from Color Themes—the option to design your own.

Color Themes launches with five very basic skins, listed here...

Do they have purple to match channels?


Default/Dark: The default Plex theme.
Light: A new light theme that’s very yellow.
High Contrast: An accessibility-focused skin that uses true blacks instead of grays.
Moonlight: A dark theme with blue accents.
Bubble Gum: A dark theme with pink accents.

But from the screenshot, I do indeed see a type of purple (bubblegum maybe?)

So now you can choose what color your ugly UI is.

My Fav is the high contrast. I like the UI they make great use of the real-estate on the home screen. What I am watching last channels tuned etc...

Wow! What a great feature, I love to see that kind of personalization and customizability.

Plex's DVR implementation is a joke. I'd rather have an ugly purple interface that works than a pretty colored guide grid that fails in every respect as far as timeshifting and live TV.

After all, don't we spend 98% of our time in the video rather than staring at the guide and interface?

Would I use a new gray/black/dark color scheme for Channels? You bet, but for now I'm happy my football timeshifting needs are met.

P.S. I'd rather see slowmo capabilities developed before the themes. :sunglasses:


I find the Channels LiveTV buffering at the client not that great .... The Other day I was going through the guide saw one of my favorite Episodes of Walker Texas Ranger ... started watching it ... Had to answer that door so I paused it for a while.

So the 2nd part will air after the one I am watching ... but I have to leave for a while but if I hit record I lose the buffer ... so I am caught in LiveTV buffer hell. So I just powered everything off and left.

Now I use SageTV exclusively for LiveTV using M3U from channels... this way I can hit record and it will record from the time I started watching not the current point in time.. even if paused for hrs,

I do love the channels DVR it is great.... just not the LiveTV part of it.