Plug Tivo Stream 4k into Channels as SOURCE

I prefer the Channels UI, can I plug my TIVO Stream 4k into Channels as the source.... to me, this is how it needs to work...or am I missing something?

Not sure exactly how you've got your TS4K set up, but if you're subscribing to SLING you can use that as a TVE source for Channels. SLING is not the best source on the planet though. See the provider thread here:

If you want to "de-TiVo" the TS4K, there's a long thread over on TCF and good discussions here, like this one about customizing the remote:

If this doesn't get you started on a solution, tell us more about how you're using your TS4K now.

SLING isn't my choice, I want to use an Antenna Tuner to get locals as I receive about 35 channels.

I am trying to use one (1) environment "Channels" for everything. I like the fact that TIVO has Netflix, Hulu and Prime, but the navigation and guide absolutely suck.

[Edit: saw your second answer before the first. ]

For antenna reception, you'll need an HD HomeRun box as a source for Channels.

You can't use Channels for Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, except for Hulu Live TV or other live TV internet sources. But you can strip out the TiVo UI, leaving yourself with standard Android, and then run the Channels app next to Netflix and the others. Yes?

Actually, yes I understand.... I'll have separate apps for each. And to get my locals, you say HD Home Run? That will bring my antenna channels into the CHANNELS DVR? I need that.

Yes, a product like the HD HomeRun Connect Quatro is necessary. Channels supports only those tuners.

If I understand your request, you want to use the TiVo Stream app—the default aggregate TiVo app that pulls metadata from other sources—as your primary, and have Channels' metadata and library be integrated into that app the way Netflix, Sling, etc., are. Is that correct?

If that is your desire, Channels has no control over that. The TiVo Stream app and its integrations/data sources are handled solely by TiVo. It is not the developers of other apps that implement the integrations, it is TiVo who works to integrate those apps into its interface.

@racecameron I think you got it flipped... but it's been answered already. I want to ADD TIVO as a SOURCE and use CHANNELS to manage it so I can access Netflix, Hulu and Prime...
IMO, Channels needs to offer more than DVR services as they have "cracked" the issues that all others have.
With Plex, you can access Crackle... CHANNELS should be able to offer us plugins like Crackle, Tubings and etc. Or

Ah, gotcha. This particular horse has been flogged to death. The developers have expressed no interest in going this route; in fact they have specifically said it's not going to happen.

While Channels' features are expanding to include management of locally stored media (movies and TV shows), integration with other OTT and streaming/on–demand services is nowhere on the roadmap, and won't be for the foreseeable future. Channels' primary function is for linear TV programming.