Provider - Sling TV

Please use this thread to discuss experiences and channel availability for Sling TV.

Current Status

  • Sling Blue: Limited support for TVE. USA, SYFY, E!, BRAVO, OXYGEN, NGC, NGWILD, FS1, FS2, FX, FXX, FNC, FBN, Olympics, NBCSN
  • Sling Orange: Very limited support for TVE. ESPN only

I'm guessing the support is based on the agreements the networks have with the providers, hence the differences in support?

I paid for the Channels app. What do I need to do to integrate Sling TV into my Channels app?
Also, what streaming services are fully integrated with Channels?

You add the Sling TV Source on the Channels DVR Settings Page. Pretty easy. I will ask for your Sling TV Credentials. Channels DVR Subscription is required for TVE support.

No Streaming service is intergraded with Channels. It's based on Tv everywhere support, which Sling is poor. The most complete service is PlayStation Vue. None will have locals and premiums.

OK, thanks guys!

Any chance you could get NFL Network and RedZone added for Sling?
I'm a first time tester after learning about TVEverywhere on Channels, was excited to make changing between RedZone on Sling and Local channel via antenna faster than launching and exiting sling app, really cool to have full integration in a single Channels app.
I missed this thread with the short sling list, instead found older thread directing me to a page that showed all tv everywhere options which had nfl checked for sling. If you can't get these added soon (for 2019 NFL football season), do you think it would be possible to do so later?
Do you offer a lifetime purchase option (don't see one offered on purchase page)?

So when you scan with your Sling credentials. The nfl network doesn’t show up.?

No, I just did a rescan and same list of 53 channels (I signed up for Sling Blue) and no NFL Network in the list. I'm running Version 2019.08.03.0055.

Did you try editing and scanning the nfl network individually?

Do your Sling credentials work on the NFL network website? I have the Sling Blue & Orange combo and NFL network works on my end with Channels.

My sling credential do work on NFL Network, tried that before adding to channels. I didn't know about that edit option, dug deeper after reading your reply mentioning one and it worked. So manually editing and telling it to scan checked it as available adding it to the list. Thank you all for the great support! This TV Everywhere addition is wonderful.