Pluto - commercials become scrambled

When watching Pluto, often times it will go to commercial and at some point the picture becomes scrambled (see below). Then I have to toggle off and then back to the channel and it will be fine. It never happens when watching the regular program. This is nothing new, has been happening for quite a while but just getting around to posting about it.

Hmm can't say I have seen that before. Been using Pluto for a while. Or maybe my commercial skips just don't show it to me. What device are you using?

Nvidia Shield

Does it straightened itself out after the commercial or just stay that way until you toggle out and back in the channel?

I do have a nvidia shield I could try on. Is it upgraded to the latest version? 9.1
I normally use Apple TV 4k second gen

Does it happen with software decoder?

It does not straighten itself out until I toggle off.

I am using Hybrid, will try software.

I've noticed on the Gunsmoke channel, it seems the commercials are a different resolution than the show. Perhaps your TV doesn't like it for some reason?

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