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That's incorrect. The pluto docker talks to pluto directly and has nothing to do with that domain.

OK, my apologies! Thanks for the clarification. I was confusing the Pluto docker with the other one for Samsung TV+. And I'm not sure about the one for Stirr.

Anyway, back to the Pluto discussion...

How is an additional 2 hours going to make any difference specifically?

I was talking about a delay of up to 6 hours, but any delay can make a difference.

All other (non-Pluto) stations have guide data for many days and reliable series/episode information. Recordings can be setup well in advance or automated as I have done. With the current available Pluto information, the normal systems are not practical to use. The only reliable way to set recordings is for a human to look at the guide data. In that I am not willing to constantly monitor the Pluto guide, the more data available at the times when I do look at the guide, the better off I am.

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But it isn't a 6 hour difference. It's 2.
I tried correcting you and your first sentence incorrectly says 6 hours. Glad you were able to get Docker working anyhow.

Yea, I'm still confused about the math here so I gave up trying to figure it out. I also saved a ton of CPU cycles on my aging server by ditching Docker and using the php method by HankLloydRight.

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Anyone can feel free to correct me but the docker method has the ability to update every hour.
Hanks method has the ability to update every 3 hours, even if you select 1 hour in the settings.

So the difference is 2 hours.

I also dumped docker. However, if I find another use for docker, which is a good possibility, I will go back to using it because it will already be running.

I just made a big post in the "Non-Docker" thread that will hopefully address the EPG timing issues.


Any advice on why Unraid is not finding any docker to install?


Sorry your math was wrong, but it is a moot point since @HankLloydRight has changed his system from updating every 3 hours to updating every 30 minutes, and allowing his users to poll him once per hour. This brings the maximum delay down from 6 hours to 90 minutes, compared to 60 minutes with Docker. The 30 minute difference is small enough to be ignored, especially since the average delay is down to 45 minutes.

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Looks like the m3u currently is missing channel-number= tags, so there is no difference. I may add these for people who want to use pluto numbering.

I am working on improving the guide data, so specifics about which channels and programs are not acting well would be appreciated.


I am getting some Pluto schedule data through Schedules Direct, But they only have about 1/3 of the channels. The people at Schedules Direct say that they contacted Pluto about this and Pluto told them that this is all they are willing to release.

The SD data comes out many days in advance. I checked for 5 days out and the data was there, but only for a select set of channels.

What I would really like to be getting are season and episode numbers, and for Channels to know which episodes I have already seen.

I fixed this in v1.2.7 of the docker so it should be much better now.


I'm seeing duplicates of certain stations since the recent updates. First I noticed is there are 2 Star Trek stations at 150, before there was a secondary one that repeated the same several episodes over and over again without commercials. Now that's the only one available, and 2 channel 150s appear in the list.

When loading Manage lineup it appears like this:

If I click on one of them they both become Star Trek2:

This was happening with both the Docker container and php versions Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It happens on several stations that I bothered to select, CSI being another one I recall.

Docker container version is 1.2.8, php version is updated by @HankLloydRight so I can't give any version info there.

I saw the same thing last night. I don't know where the source of the bug is (see next posts). Here's an example for Star Trek -- they both have channel number 150:

#EXTINF:0 channel-id="star-trek-1" channel-number="150" tvg-logo="" tvc-guide-art="" tvc-guide-title="Star Trek" tvc-guide-description="Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long." group-title="Entertainment", Star Trek

#EXTINF:0 channel-id="star-trek-2" channel-number="150" tvg-logo="" tvc-guide-art="" tvc-guide-title="Star Trek 2" tvc-guide-description="Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long." group-title="Pluto TV", Star Trek 2

Any of the channels where there's a -1 and -2 channels with the same name has this problem, including Nosey, Love and hip-hop, CSI, and others.

Additionally, in the tvOS app, hangs for about a minute when browsing the guide on the double channels and then the on-screen guide also changes both to the "2" version.

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Looks like it's in the source data direct from Pluto:

{"_id":"5efbd39f8c4ce900075d7698","slug":"star-trek-1","name":"Star Trek","hash":"#StarTrek","number":150,"summary":"Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long."

{"_id":"5f77879983bec60007e2a196","slug":"star-trek-2","name":"Star Trek 2","hash":"#StarTrek2","number":150,"summary":"Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long."

If you switch back to "Ignore channel numbers from M3U" it works again.

Also, wasn't there a ST:TOS channel? I can't find it now. Just two TNG channels.

No, just the one Star Trek channel that does all series.

The Pluto Docker has been like this forever, it's not new. It's coming from Pluto for some odd reason and part of the reason I originally switched to ignoring channel numbers (aside from the overlap with real channels from other services).

But there are two distinct ST streams with different programming on them.

Huh, I thought the 2nd one was just the same programming, but apparently not. I've had it unfavorited for so long that I hadn't seen it's weird guide data. It looks like the channel is caught in some type of temporal loop:

The metadata is messed up, too:

I took a look at the m3u and every channel that has a "2" or a "3" version has a group-title="Pluto TV" in its code line as opposed to one of the intended categories:


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