Pluto Vevo 70s Channel Issue

When watching the Vevo 70s channel on Pluto, it will play fine and then often (not all the time) when the video ends the little wheel starts spinning like it lost connection. I have to get out of the channel and back into to connect it again. This happens probably 70% of the time.

Just for background, I have the Pluto Docker installed.

I have found this is the case for me with quite a few Pluto channels. Because of this issue it is impossible to record.

I've not run into any problems like that on Pluto channels, but maybe I just haven't hit the right ones.

It seems to happen often when it cuts to a commercial or Pluto advertistment.... almost like the feed changes in some way that causes a hiccup.

If you submit diagnostics from the DVR web ui after this happens it’s possible the Devs can fix it.

I recorded a show on the documentary channel and then attempted to play it back on Kodi and the added commercials screwed it up badly. Trying to FF was impossible and after a commercial, it would sometimes go back and repeat parts that was already viewed. Very strange.

Sounds like issues with wonky timestamps and the commercials using a different time base than the content.

Thanks! Do you think something like Video Redo Plus would fix it. I was going to archive the show for later viewings on my Plex server but the wonky behavior changed that idea.

Please submit diagnostics from the dvr web UI, while the app on your TV is still inside the player and stuck.

This behavior is what I was explaining on the "TPIR: The Barker Era" channel too - it does indeed make recording impossible, but I think it's because of how Pluto is handling the stream.