PlutoTV Closed Captions?

I set up the docker service, PlutoTV m3u (295) channels & EPG link. I've recorded a few shows successfully. Great integration.

I haven't got closed captions to work off PlutoTV. CC works on my HDHomeRun. I used the hamburger on my FS4K & clicked language, but no CC.

What am I missing?

CC isn't consistently available on content from Pluto from what I've seen.

Would you share one pluto channel, that you've seen closed captions on?

I'll have to try and remember to pay attention. No idea right now.

I checked last night and I have a WPT recording that has CC in it, but when I go to the WPT channel live, I don't get any CC. I was pretty sure that my WPT recordings came from the Pluto channel and so had CC. Not sure if its possible that they aren't available live, but are in a recording. That doesn't seem right so I'll conclude that the recordings came from some other channel... but not sure which would have provided it.

I don't understand the WPT acronym.

I haven't seen any PlutoTV CC's anywhere in Channels.

When I use the FS4k PlutoTV apk, CC's are on every show, but need to be turned on again each time you change to a new show. Something is missing in the cDVR integration.

I don't know enough about video formats to look for the right clues to track it down further.

WPT = World Poker Tour, which is a channel on Pluto.