[Poll] How much do you care about Rotten Tomato scores?

Hey everyone, we're trying to get a consensus regarding Rotten Tomatoes and how much you all might value its ratings.

How valuable do you find Rotten Tomato scores?

  • Very Valuable!
  • Valuable
  • Somewhat valuable
  • Not valuable

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Where would you think Rotten Tomato scores would be most valuable to you?

  • When browsing my recorded content
  • When deciding to record a movie
  • When deciding to record a show

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I voted that this is valuable to me, but frankly we are heavy IMDB users and almost always access it before watching or recording any show or movie that is new to us. I have rarely ever looked at rotten tomotoes So if I could vote for IMDB over Rotten Tomatoes, I'd pick that. .


I also voted very valuable. But I go by the user review score instead of the critics.

Spectrum does it on their app, very useful

If this is implemented, please ensure there is a way to completely remove any reference to them from the interface. I use Plex for my content and Channels for TV, and what I love about Channels is the simple, uncluttered interface.

I have no desire to see ratings for anything I watch, and really don't want them to waste development time on this, but I can see how some would want it, so just please don't force it into the interface.

Also make sure that, if disabled, the server/client itself is not accessing this content (and wasting resources on it) as opposed to still downloading the review data but not displaying it.


I'd love to see Rotten Tomatoes ratings when searching for movies to record or browsing my library. If that doesn't work out, I'd be happy with Metacritic ratings too.

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I like both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. The more data I have the better.