Pop-up for tuner sharing

This is something that should be interactively available, not buried in the settings per-client.

Use case: You have a recording going on the DVR, but want to have the same thing live on another TV.

My issue is that, due to only 3 tuners, i rarely if ever don't tuner share with a cablecard channel. If it's a different source or programmng, maybe different. However, i only get to select this in the settings menu (or push setting) on the client.

I'm thinking this should be something like the Watch live/watch recording popup: if that channel is in use elsewhere, prompt for sharing.

Any reason why you just don't always enable tuner sharing ? I do that as part of any new installation. Maybe the Global setting for tuner sharing should be in the First page of the Web Page like you said not hidden.

Combination of many sources and wifi/hardwired clients. Don't see a great point in sharing a TVE source, for example.

TVE sources are always shared. Tuner Sharing is only for physical tuners.

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Please don't add another freaking pop up for something that does not hurt to leave on all the time. I like knowing that I can turn on my second TV and tune to the same sports channels without a freaking pop. Right now the way it is if I select a channel the two devices are in sync and I don't have to rw/ff to sync the audio. A stupid pop the device will not sync up due to hesitation of this freaking pop up. Please developers don't change this.

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Calm down, man. I can see your point. Maybe Iona got you riled up? :slight_smile:

A configurable pop-up would appease both of us. Hell, I wish i could configure the pop-up away for live vs recorded, as i pretty much never start a recorded program, but i know many others do. Everyone has a use case for something.

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