Port Forwarding - Netgear R8000

I am having a hard time setting up the Remote Access.
I have a modem that is connected to my router (Netgear R8000). I tried both the auto and manual option and cannot get it to work.
I don't know what to do now.

Do not do both at the same time:

  1. https://portforward.com/netgear/nighthawk-x6-r8000/

  2. https://portchecker.co

Good luck.

The IP address on the portchecker.co is coming up as the modem IP address, not my personal computers. It does say open, but the Remote Access URL does not work.

Modems do not have a IP Address. So your modem may be a modem/router combo. So you need port forward there or put it on bridge mode (preference). Or just replace with a modem only.