PositivTV as a Custom Channel

I am trying to determine if PositivTV can be added as a custom channel into TVE. I've been told there has to be livestream on their website which it appears they do:

I'm not sure how to create the M3U playlist to see if this can work. Does anyone have some experience with this. Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

This is an OTA channel as well. If you have an hdhr you may already receive it.

I've added this in the next pre-release.


Do you mean this will be included as a channel in TVE in the future, and if so, when may that happen?

Yes. It is available now if you upgrade to pre-release.

@tmm1 did you also add retro tv and heartland with this channel? I don’t remember seeing them before so just a heads up that they don’t work.

Retro tv: 404 not found
Heartland: unknown stream

Diag: 51800279-2644-4d2d-ae40-a42294212089


Fixed in next build.

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What is upgrading to pre-release? Where do I find that?

Click the dropdown icon next to the Check for Update button on the DVR web UI.

Thanks for adding PositivTV. I noticed there was not a guide and therefore cannot record a future movie. Is a guide available?

It has guide data.
If you just added the channel, try going to your Channels DVR web UI
Settings>Guide Database>Maintenance>Delete and Recreate Database
That will pull in the guide listings.

P.S. There are probably other ways to do it, but since a lot of this hasn't been documented, it works for me.

Thanks for the guide advice. That worked.

Just wanted to add for others that may be recording this channel.
Like other "Free" Channels DVR TVE channels, the guide data for this channel isn't 100% accurate either.
Appears that gracenote is the only one that can fix that.

What is gracenote?

Gracenote is the company that provides guide data to Channels (among many others).