Possible to quickly swap to previous channel

I did a search on the forums and did not find an answer. I am wondering if there is a way to quickly swap to the previous channel?

For example, I am watching NFL football on channels 11.1 and there is also a game on channel 5.1. One game is in commercial so i want to go back to the other game. Is there a way to quickly do that without exiting back to the guide, going to that channel and selecting watch? I thought of this yesterday when i was watching the games on my iPad while working around the house.

Thanks in advance. Love Channels!

Double press the play button on your remote.

sorry, I am referring to the iPad app.

It works there too.

That double press does not work on ONN Android TV box.
There is no dedicated Play/Pause (as on the Firestick),
just the center OK button which DOES Play/Pause but does not recognize the double press.

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i'm confused, as I don't see a play button on my ipad when i am watching a show. just a pause button.

Try tapping it.

Funny I thought I stumbled across this feature like maybe a week or two ago… tonight on iPad. Watched one channel then another and tried the double tap play button to swap between the two. No luck tonight … recent update? Long press? Disable something in advanced settings for that button? I’m sure I saw it work and I have read this thread and multiple attempts ipad no dice (ipad air 2 and latest iOS )
Bothe ipad iPhone the play button arrow just starts stops the video double tap no effect (other than start stop really fast )


it doesn't work for me either. double tapping the play button just pauses/unpauses.