Possible tuner sharing bug


So I've got tuner sharing enabled. Say I've got a show being recorded. When I go to that show via the Guide and watch it live, all good, another tuner is not used. However, when I go to the DVR tab -> Scheduled Recordings, and choose to watch the same show, live, a separate tuner is used. That seems like a bug. I'm wondering if it may be related to my channel lineup, where certain networks appear twice, in the 500s and 1000s (xfinity). Regardless, Channels is recording on a certain channel, and it seems like it shouldn't matter if I get there via the guide or scheduled recordings.


Yes this is a bug caused by the double numbering. One easy fix would be to hide the extra channels on my.hdhomerun.com


Figured. What makes your suggestion slightly more challenging is that for some of the duplicated networks, the two channels don't show the same shows. Perhaps one is east coast and the other west coast.


More likely they're affiliates of the same network, but broadcasting to/from different locations. Since they're different channels (with just some of the same programming) whichever solution you choose is probably going to involve a trade-off of some sort.