Preload Edit Commercials

Is there a way to load all the video snapshots for the breakup of the video ahead of time? I spend probably 3x-4x the amount of time waiting on the videos to show than actually changing what is or is not part of the show.

Pretty much every single show requires this as there is always small discrepancies. This is a bigger issue because I remove the commercials and maintain my DVR then in a separate directory with commercials removed to keep the size of files down pointing back to Channels + Plex.

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You must have a slow system on my I7 as soon as I go to edit commercials all video snapshots load.

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I run a i7-9750H on my computer and the 220+ has Intel Celeron J4025 (2 core) w/ 4gb DDR4

You are running Channels on your computer? I had this issue previously when I tested it on my computer and is still an issue with the new install on my 220+ Synology.

There has to be a setting then if you are getting "instant" access as I wasn't getting that on my computer either (worked basically the same on both systems). From what I can tell Channels is only finally collecting the video frames after I ask to edit the commercial at which point it has to scan the video file.

Yes My sever is an I7 running UBUNTU Channels Sever, Emby Server Plex Server and Sagetv server ... If I have to edit my Comskip I use my laptop which is also an I7.

This is something that bothers me too. We’ve been talking about ways to speed up the thumbnail generation but haven’t come to any conclusions yet.


I would say if I could open multiple tabs and it would process in the background even that would be a fine workaround. Thing is if I click away from the tab it will not "process" the information and stalls until I click back.

Another option would be "edit commercials all" or "all selected" possibly by each show. This way it would continually flow down and load as opposed to being a separate process of edit -> wait -> select -> save -> repeat. Although this might be harder for you in the end anyways.

Could you even have a button where instead of redetect commercials its instead "load commercial detection frames"? This would be best with a quick click menu though instead of having to open up options for each show but better than click in and waiting. This way I could run through the 20+ shows, then circle back around at that time or in 30 mins to then go in and actually finalize commercials.

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Try out the latest pre-release:

We've added a new setting to enable that will generate thumbnails as soon as commercial detection has finished.

Note: This will not do anything for existing recordings, it only happens when a new commercial detection run happens on a recording (so it is basically only useful for future recordings after the option has been enabled).

Please let me know if this helps you at all.

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Would this work if you use the re-detect commercial option on existing recordings?

Yes, but if you’ve loaded the page to edit commercials for the episode it’s going to have already generated them so this feature won’t do anything in those cases.

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Thank you for the update on this. I have been traveling and haven't had time until now to update my sever.

I will test it out and see if there is any issues.

This will be very helpful to more quickly get through recordings though.

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I am noticing that this does seem to work very well for my recordings that use the comskip method. But my recordings that use the smart detection seem to still be generating on demand. Is this just something effecting me, or does the generation of thumbnails only work with the comskip method? I noticed it the other day so I did toggle the setting.

I dunno if it will help but I did submit diags. c13921c0-3a8e-418b-8265-6b26c3f4e28b

Good call! I’ll check to make sure it’s happening for those too.


Same here: thumbnail generation is not running on recordings that use smart commercial detection.

Latest DVR pre-release build should fix this:


I want to give a big thanks to the team regarding this update. After testing some this makes things much easier to deal with for shows that I will be retaining in my library.

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