Preview channel in Android TV home screen

Some of the TV apps I have installed show a row of thumbnails on the main Android TV home page but if you select one you see a live view of the channel, whereas with Channels it's just a static thumbnail. Live Channels from Google is a good example.

Is this something that could be acheived with Channels?

My experience is different. Channels DVR thumbnails are dynamic and I can access newly recorded shows from the home screen

We disabled this because it uses up a tuner and some people really dislike it. Maybe we can add an option to enable it.

Ah ok I hadn't thought about that, don't worry to much about it then now I know why.

Just one thing I have noticed tonight as a new user.
On Android TV it shows 3 channels available for display on the homescreen.

On Now
Up Next

'On Now' self explanatory but 'Movies' is empty and 'Up Next' shows what's been recorded rather than what I would expect to be upcoming programs on the Tv channels? Is that right and should it be called 'Recorded' or is it a bug and should show upcoming Tv?

Up Next is a DVR feature which tells you the next episode to watch for each of your recorded TV shows.

Ok thanks, a little confusing the way its worded.