Previous Channels DVR drive as 2nd storage drive

I moved and reinstalled a HDD with the new Pi image. The old HDD had the image on it as well along with my shows stored on it. I tried to map that drive so that it would search for my shows but it does not seem to work. Is this possible to do or am I missing something.

Could you show us the screen shots of your storage path settings, like this:


You should have one path for the new HDD and one for the old HDD, or however you were mapping it.

Then, I'd like to see the directories of the old HDD, like this:


Obviously I'm showing Windows and you'll be showing Linux, but the concepts are exactly the same. The important thing is to have the same structure as the main directory on the new HDD and select the storage path at the parent level.

This is what I am showing. I mapped the source but still does not work and it occasionally thinks the 2nd drive is what it needs to record to. I am guessing I need to change the file structure because of that.

You can't attach two drives that both have the RPI OS image on them.

Anyway to peel off of the os so that I do not have to re-image the drive to view the shows that are on the drive? Just trying to look for an easier solution other than copying off the files to another drive that could take days to complete.

You could try reformatting the boot partition of the second drive, so that it no longer holds the boot files.

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Just an update. I was able to plug the old dvd drive into another Pi and used gpart to delete the dvr os partitions and just leave the partition with the shows and movies. Plugged back into the original Pi, remapped again and everything is working fine now. Thanks.