Previous Frame shows on channel change

Not sure if an issue or not, but since latest update on TVOS app, when changing channels the last frame from the previously watched channel is visible after selecting a new channel.

Behavior is noticed when watching one channel,. exiting to guide, and then choosing another. The last frame of the previously watched channel is shown for a second or 2 until the new stream commences.

Same behavior with local source (HDHR) and custom (m3u) channels.

I’m also seeing the same thing, whenever I start playing back a recording, I see a frozen frame of a previous item for a split second.

Also, when I play back a recording made from a channel with resolution 544x576 (which is scaled to 1920x1048) there is a narrow strip top and bottom of the previous content.

I’m using the “experimental” video decoder.

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I am seeing the same issue on the default driver

I have been seeing this issue for the last few months, as well.

Yes I’m seeing this too. It’s often a random channel. This morning it was something from last night.

Devs, are there any ‘graceful’ fades which could be added for channel changes and in and out of guides?