Pricing question

My question is so if the app is 14.99 in the apple store and i buy it on my apple tv and is there a monthly subscription? I also was told that it has FOX on the app does that mean i will be able to stream the super bowl live?

The Apple TV app costs $25, and it only works if you have a special tuner box called the HDHomeRun. You install the HDHomeRun on your home network, plug an antenna into it, and then you can pick up signals from your nearby TV towers. Usually this includes FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS but it depends where you live and how close the TV towers are to you.

There’s two flavors of HDHomeRun devices. One flavor is for over the air content that you get from attaching an antenna to it, the HDHomeRun Connect and the HDHomeRun Extend. There’s also the HDHomeRun Prime that you can use with your cable TV subscription by getting a CableCard from the cable provider.

I use both a Prime and a Connect with Channels and Channels DVR. It’s amazing.