Prime for Sale

Edit: SOLD

So, I just went back to Spectrum (1 year promo is $20/month less than my PSVue sub, which is defunct now, anyway) and I am going to use 1 of my Primes. I used to use 2, for 6 feeds, but with Channels DVR, I am only going to use 1, with TVE taking up the slack.

So, I have decided to sell off the other Prime. It is used, but works fine...was in regular use until 2 months ago. It comes with the Prime, the power cable and network cable. No original packaging.

Seeing what they are going for, I think it's a good deal to ask $110 and the buyer can choose and pay for how they want it shipped.

Not having sold anything online, except through eBay, I am also looking for advise on the best way to ensure I don't get taken and the buyer does not feel taken. Otherwise, I will just post it on eBay.

If you can use paypal, the user can send the money as purchasing a product which will incur a fee on your end, but then they will have buyer protection on theirs