Primes for sale

My household is currently changing around some of our services, and in doing so have eliminated our Spectrum cable television package. As such, I am now in possession of a few Primes that are just going to be collecting dust on a shelf here. So, in the spirit of giving and sharing of the season, I've decided to part with a couple of them and offer then to the Channels community.

What I am offering is 2 HDHomeRun Primes (HDHR3-CC) for sale. They served me well over the past several years, and the only fault I ever had with them hardware-wise was needing to replace their power supplies. They are as-is, and without original packaging; just the tuner itself and the power supply. The two units are both running the latest 20190715beta1 firmware (which was supposed to fix the re-appearing channel issue caused by timeouts during the background channel scan).

Please contact me with a private message if you are interested in purchasing either one or both of the devices.

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In preparing to list a few other items for sale, we've decided to change the asking price for the tuners. They are going for $100/ea, including shipping. Starting Monday they are also going to be offered via other channels, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll still have them.

If anyone ever wanted a HDHomerun Prime cablecard tuner, this is an exceptionally gracious offer that racameron is posting - don't pass it up.

One has sold, but I still have one more available.

Both have now been claimed.