Prior Generation Apple TV 4K $99


That's a great deal, especially I don't see anything special the new one does.


The new one's selling point is a vast improved remote control (which can be purchased separately for $59)

subjective. I like the original remote better. It has a bigger touch surface, no buttons that don't work (aka: circle jog), and it feels great and fits perfectly in a magnetic case like this:

Except for a processor that is 3 generations newer ...

Ok. Does that make the Picture Quality better. Run smoother? It's pretty smooth now

As someone who owned both, not really. Like you said, the older one is pretty smooth.

The only reasons to buy a new one, for now:

  1. The remote, if you hate the old one
  2. Future-proofing for whatever Apple is calling their "work with providers" for "High Frame Rate HDR"
    I'm a skeptic here, though, as Apple-speak here is both vague AND misleading, but I bought one anyway, in hopes that maybe live HDR via FOX and others will actually trigger HDR correctly, someday.
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Thanks for the heads up, @Macnbaish. Just picked one up at a local Walmart.

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the circle jog does work (rather brilliantly) in apps that support it. Of course this is all subjective but I found the sensitive touch surface's big size to be a detriment, it made for too many frustrations due to errant touches. The old remote also lacked a distinct power button and mute button. And pretty much needs a case to feel good in the hand. The new remote doesn't. Anyway, it's great we all have options. I'm overjoyed with the new remote and think it's worth spending the money for. This is good price for the prior gen AppleTV though for those who don't feel the same.